Runesten betydning - lær at bruge runer

Runesten bruges som et kraftigt spådomsværktøj - en måde at forudsige ens fremtid på.
Runesten er en af de sande mysterier i ​​den mystiske verden. Runesten sæt består af 24 sten med gamle alfabetiske symboler på, 1 blank sten og en pose til opbevaring.
Der findes Runesten lavet af træ, men mest attraktive runer er dem der er lavet af naturlig sten. 

Køb Runesten

Hvordan bruger man runesten 

Nogle mennesker føler, at dagens rune er en god måde at få svar på et enkelt spørgsmål. 

  1. Ryd dit sind
  2. Fokuser på de spørgsmål, du vil have svar på
  3. Hold posen med runesten i en hånd og bland stenene i posen med anden hånd
  4. Koncentrer dig og stil et spørgsmål du vil have svar på
  5. Tag 1 tilfældig runesten fra posen med alle 25 sten
  6. Læs symbolet skrevet på stenen 

Betydninger og fortolkninger af hver rune sten er vist nedenfor (på engelsk).

De 25 Runer og deres betydning

Runer FEHU bogstavFEHU - F: Cattle
Abundance through effort, inheritance of self and self value, material gain, earned income. Success, happiness and wealth.
Reversed: Abandonment of plans, loss, disappointment, frustration.
Runer Uruz bogstavURUZ - U: Brute Strength
Strength, home love on all sides, health, changes, a forceful masculine archetype.
Reversed: Missed abilities, weak will power, lack of motivation.
Runer Thurisaz bogstavTHURISAZ - TH: The seeing of the future
Opening the door or gate to see the future, luck reflection for action, protection. You will see the truth.
Reversed: Not willing to heed information given, having a stubborn mind-set.
Runer Ansuz bogstavANSUZ - A: references the ancestral god, Odin 
Message from within (listen to your 'little voice'), advice from others, chance encounter, careful thought so you will know what to do from this point in time.
Reversed: Watch out for trickery, the dark side of yourself when others interfering with your plans, or there is failed communication.
Runer Raidho bogstavRAIDHO - R: Journey
You're about to embark on a journey - either in the physical world or a journey of your soul to heal something that needs healing.
Reversed: Unexpected, unpleasant journey, transit problems, upsetting plans, lost tickets, communication.
Runer Kenaz bogstavKENAZ - K: Beacon or torch.
When you feel in the dark - this rune will bring an opening, to help you open to who you are and your highest possibilities. From the darkness - light will come.
Reversed: withdrawal, anxiety, closing, loss.
Runer Gebo bogstavGEBO - G: Gift of Harmonic Relationships
Unity with self and all others - especially with our higher selves, nature and all things around us.
Cannot be reversed.
Runer WunjoWUNJO - W or V: Bliss and Glory
You do not Need anybody. Peace, pleasure, self-worth, joy and serenity, happy results, harmony, prosperity.
Reversed: Sorrow, dissatisfaction, disappointment, friction, delay, possession by higher forces.
Runer HagalazHAGALAZ - H: Destructive forces
This refers to the destructive forces of nature, and things that are out of our control.
Cannot be reversed.
Runer Nauthiz symbolNAUTHIZ - N: The Negatives of Human Needs
Caution, hold, coming in touch with a side of you that you may not like, resistance, distress, delay, constraint or restraint. Reflect on how bad things can and appreciate what you have.
Reversed: Improper course of action, think twice before acting, don't make hasty judgments!
Runer Isa symbolISA - I: Ice
Frozen in time, calm, non-action, everything on hold, letting go of ego and seeking your inner truths, you are blocked by your emotions.
Cannot be reversed.
Runer Jera symbolJERA - J or Y: The Cycle of One Year
Reaping of a reward when your world seems stagnant, harvest the seeds you have planted, gain, fruition, things happening in their own time and space when they are supposed to!
Cannot be reversed.
Runer Eihwaz symbolEIHWAZ - EI: Yew Tree
Stability, doing the right things, patience, perseverance, endurance. Decided what is the right way to get the things accomplished in your life.
Cannot be reversed.
Runer Perthro symbolPERTHRO - P: Initiation, Things Unexplained, Something Hidden
A hieratic or mystery rune pointing to that which is beyond our frail manipulative powers. Perthro is associated with the Phoenix, the mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire then rises from its own ashes. Powerful forces of change are at work here.
On the side of human nature this Rune is symbolized by the flight of the eagle. Soaring flight, free from entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless and flow of ordinary life to acquire broader vision - all this is indicated here.
Hidden information and truths, mysteries, esoteric, that which is unknown on a conscious level, it could come into the light and you would understand the 'higher meaning' of things.
Reversed: Events stalled, you need to clear out something - unpleasant surprise - the old way has to come to an end, do not focus on outcomes, nor bind yourself with memories of past achievements or you will orb yourself of the true present. When your inner being is shifting and reforming, on a deep level, patience, constancy, and perseverance are called for.
Do no repeat the old - let it go!
Runer Algiz symbolALGIZ: Z
Spirit guides - (How interesting as my guide is Zoroaster and I call him Z!) - protection, fortunate new influence, making the connection with spirit and working through your issues.
Runesten Sowilo symbolSOWILO - S: The Sun
The circle is completion - wholeness, the sun, the path to awareness and self knowledge. See you 'dark side' - that which makes you destructive to yourself and others. Seek change to heal and be complete with yourself.
Cannot be reversed.
Runesten Teiwaz symbolTEIWAZ - T: Tyr, the sky god
To be successful in competition, very motivated, finding the spiritual or transcendental self.
Reversed: Low energy and lack of enthusiasm.
Runesten Berkana symbolBERKANA - B: Birch-goddess
To be prepared, cautious in what you do. Also references your family and home.
Reversed: An unfortunate domestic situation - so use caution.
Runesten Ehwaz symbolEHWAZ - E: The Sacred Horse
The balance of things in the universe, stability, move forward carefully focusing on the tools that will help you get there.
Reversed: Sudden unexpected change that is not wanted.
Runesten Mannaz bogstavMANNAZ - M: The nature of Humanity
The self and its place in the collective conscience of humanity. We are all part of the collective unconscious - we are all One. Your attitude towards and their attitudes towards you. Take this time for personal reflection.
Cannot be reversed.
Runesten Laguz symbolLAGUZ - L: Water - Emotions
The moon, the flow of emotions and all things into the collective unconscious - all bodies of water - Aquarius - feminine energies - higher mind, spirituality, health and healing - a time of cleansing.
Reversed: Not listening to your inner voice, tackling something you know you should not do - or are not capable of doing.
Runesten Ingwaz bogstavINGWAZ - NG: Fertility
Fertility of the joining of human beings, usually for a new life - a pregnancy. Finish what you are doing, tie up lose ends and start something new.
Cannot be reversed.
Runer Dagaz symbolDAGAZ - D: Daylight or Dawn.
A new day begins and go to work. You become more insightful, breaking through your new ideas. Light is around you.
Cannot be reversed.
Runesten Othala symbolOTHALA - O: Ancestral property - Inheritance
Freedom and independence through releasing ideas and things that keep you 'stuck'. You will feel 'free'. You will inherit from someone.
Reversed: Not letting go of outmoded ideas and concepts. You will feel 'stuck'.
Blank Rune Odin's symbolBLANK RUNE: Sometimes called "Odin's Rune":
Anything is possible and can happen. The sum total of who you are, what you have done, and what you have become. Choose a direction and go for it.
The blank Rune was added to the others in the 1980's. It shows that as humanity has grown - the possibilities are beyond what was conceived by the original Runes. Some people include the blank Rune in a reading - while others leave it out. If you get this Rune - and you believe in yourself - you can manifest anything.


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