Unique handmade gemstone jewelry

We love natural stone!
A piece of jewelry made with natural stone is a wonderful accessory both for your body and soul.
When you buy a jewelery at Gemstone.dk, you will get an unique handmade jewelry, as we want your new jewelry to be special and personal - just like you.

You can help to design your jewelry in the way that you can add your wishes when ordering jewelry in our webshop. We will always take into account your comments and make every effort to satisfy you.

Your jewelry will be made as soon as you order it, with gemstones of the highest quality.

You are guaranteed the best price for jewelry as we buy gemstones and jewelry components directly from the manufacturer.

Welcome to our creative webshop - we are looking forward to making a new, personalized piece of jewelry for you!

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Sten Krystaller håndlavede Smykker fra Gemstone - unikt Dansk design og godt kvalitets håndværk