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  • 95,00 kr In Stock

    Agate Moss Gemstone Shamballa Bracelet, braided with black cord.Natural Agate Moss semi-precious stone Beautiful Agate stone beads 8mm (diameter) Size can be adjusted with a slide closure Unisex Gemstone Bracelet Handmade by

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  • 69,95 kr In Stock

    Gemstone Bracelet handmade of Crazy Agate stone beads 6-8mm.Natural Agate Gemstone  Strong elastic bracelet  Choose Agate gemstone beads 6mm or 8mm Bracelet fits 16-17cm hand wrist - if you need a Custommade Bracelet, please, write your hand wrist size under "Customization" Handmade by  Unisex stone bracelet

    69,95 kr
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  • 89,00 kr In Stock

    Braided Yoga Bracelet with Healing Chakra Stones and Sandalwood Beads.Natural Gemstones in 7 Chakra colors: Agate, Jade, Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst Natural Sandalwood in red / black color Gemstone beads 6mm (diameter) Cylindrical Sandalwood Beads 6x6mm Braided bracelet with a slide closure Black waxed cord 1mm Chakra /...

    89,00 kr
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  • 75,00 kr In Stock

    Blue Sandstone Donut Gemstone Pendant with a long black Leather Necklace.Genuine Blue Sandstone Gemstone Round Donut Pendant is 30mm in diameter Black Leather Necklace 85cm long  Genuine Leather 1,5mm

    75,00 kr
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  • 79,95 kr In Stock

    Beautiful Lapis Lazuli round-shaped pendant fits perfectly with a black leather necklace. A nice and trendy gemstone jewellery piece!Lapis Lazuli round pendant is 40mm in diameter Black leather-look necklace 45cm with 5cm extender chainNecklace with Blue Lapis Lazuli Pendant comes in the organza jewellery pouch. 

    79,95 kr
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  • 129,00 kr In Stock

    Rare Amber Pendant for your necklace.Natural Baltic Amber Gemstone (Denmark) Flat Amber Gemstone measures approx. 30x30x6mm Amber with inclusions pendant in nice yellow color Handmade by Gemstone.dkThe Amber gemstone is fine polished without any thermal processing. Therefore, this Amber Pendant retains all its healing properties.

    129,00 kr
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  • 69,95 kr In Stock

    Green Jade Bracelet Heart Chakra Anahata. This gemstone bracelet is braided with a strong cord.Natural Green Jade Gemstone Green Jade stone Beads 6mm and 8mm  Nice green color, responding to Heart Chakra Anahata  Strong waxed cord Unique design Bracelet is adjustable Handmade by  Yoga jewelry

    69,95 kr
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  • 57,75 kr In Stock

    Rose Quartz Gemstone Pendant, shaped like a triangle.Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Triangular shaped Rose Quartz Pendant measures approx. 23x16mm Unisex gemstone jewelry

    57,75 kr
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  • 179,00 kr In Stock

    Unique Amber Jewelry piece - a long leather necklace with Amber Pendant in geometric design.Natural Baltic Amber Gemstone (Denmark) Round pendant measures 45mm (diameter) 6 Amber stones 10-15mm large Leather necklace 90cm long Genuine Leather - Black Round Leather Cord 1.5mm Tibetan Silver (Lead Free) Designed and handmade by Gemstone.dkThe Amber...

    179,00 kr
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  • 85,00 kr In Stock

    Healing Gemstone Bracelet handmade of Genuine Tiger Eye and Hematite stone beads. Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone round beads 8mm Natural Hematite Gemstone Beads 8mm Strong elastic bracelet  Please, choose your size Unisex gemstone bracelet  Handmade by

    85,00 kr
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  • 89,95 kr In Stock

    Stone Bracelet, handmade of genuine African Turquoise Gemstone Beads and Hematite Gemstone rings.Natural African Turquoise Healing Stone Round Turquoise Gemstone Beads 8mm Hematite rings 6mm Elastic stone bracelet Bracelet fits 16cm wrist - if you want a custom bracelet, please enter the size of your wrist in "Customization" Handmade by

    89,95 kr
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  • 109,00 kr In Stock

    Tasbih Misbaha Muslim Prayer Rosary Beads, handmade of 33 Jasper Picasso Gemstone beads.A beautiful Islamic Prayer Rosary Beads, which you can always have at your hand.Natural Jasper Picasso Gemstone Jasper stone beads 8mm (diameter)  Knots between the beads Unique design Handmade by Tasbih Rosary Beads comes in a nice organza jewelry bag

    109,00 kr
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Showing 1 - 12 of 263 items

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