Rune Stone set 25 gemstone mix

Magical gemstone mix Rune stones set
The rune symbols are carved onto the stones.
Rune stones set comes with a drawstring pouch.
There are 25 Runes - 24 with rune symbols and one blank. They weight is between 210-230g.

  • Highly polished gemstone runes
  • Based on the Elder Futhark runic system

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Magical gemstone mix Rune stones set

The Rune stones we have here are all of the Elder Futhark script, which was more commonly used in Northern Europe. Each Rune stone set has 25 Runes - 24 with rune symbols on them and a single blank rune. 

Sten Krystaller håndlavede Smykker fra Gemstone - unikt Dansk design og godt kvalitets håndværk